What 1 Thing MUST You DO To Be Great Realtor?

Get Real!……. Get Right!

This comprehensive 12-session course begins with The Power of One, a precise focus on what matters most for your business – lead generation. Learn to close at least 36 transactions in 12 months by developing and maintaining a habit of 3 hours a day of lead generation.


Learn the importance of focusing on lead generation.
Build your validity and positioning to ensure success with customers.
Learn essential strategies to help you prospect and market for leads.
Learn to leverage a contact database.
Adopt techniques for turning buyer and seller leads into appointments.
Set goals and develop a business plan.


Agents who have completed iGnite and are in the growth stage of their career.
All agents wishing to refresh or advance their lead generation skills.


Six Myth Understandings Holding You Back


Gary Keller, co-founder of Keller Williams Realty International, heads the second-largest real estate company in the country. In The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, Gary Keller describes six false statements that may keep real estate agents from achieving success. These “myth-understandings” could ultimately apply to other professions as well:

Myth: I can’t do it.

Truth: Until you try, you can’t possibly know what you can or can’t do.

Myth: It can’t be done in my market.

Truth: Yes it can, but you may need a new approach.

Myth: It would take too much time and effort. I would lose my freedom.

Truth: Time and effort are not the deciding factors in success.

Myth: It’s too risky. I’d lose money.

Truth: Risk is in direct proportion to how well you hold your incremental costs accountable to producing incremental results.

Myth: My clients will only work with me. Only I can deliver quality service.

Truth: You clients aren’t loyal to you. They are loyal to the standards you represent.

Myth: Having a goal and not fully realizing it is a negative thing.

Truth: Having a goal and not trying to achieve it is a negative thing.