33 Touch Marketing

Most people will not know what the 8×8 and 33 touch marketing platform is. The 8×8 means that you make 8 contacts during the first 8 weeks after you have added someone to your database. After that, you touch them 33 times during the remaining 10 months of the year. Doing that systematically will yield about 2 transactions for every 12 contacts in your database.

Your 33 Touch Program is the heart of your marketing plan for your Met database. The goal is to “Touch” ever person in your Met database 33 times per year.

Your plan will include:
Hand written notes
Post card updates
Monthly Newsletters
Email neighborhood updates
Phone calls
Greeting cards
Any other appropriated communication method

The idea is for you to keep your image in front of the people that know you and are aware of what you can do for them and their friends and family. eEdge is used to outline your 33 touch plan so that you know what to do and how to implement the plan. You want to be the ONLY person they think about when it comes to real estate.

Maximize Your Business with eEdge

Maximize a your Business with eEdge

The goal of eEdge is to support you in your goal of getting more referrals from the top 100 people in your database, help you convert more leads…and get 4 additional deals from every listing that you take.

Our goal at Keller Williams In Toronto and Canada is to help you make as much money as possible this year and We are committed to hitting the goal of doubling every one of our associates income.

Read about and View our latest technology initiative, eEdge, the real estate industry’s first and only complete lead-to-close agent business solution, and the winner of the 2011 Inman Innovation Award!

Keller Williams is determined to stay ahead of the curve to provide the most services and support in the industry to our entire network – especially in today’s real estate climate.”

-Mark Willis, CEO of Keller Williams Realty

eEdge is the real estate industry’s first and only complete lead-to-close agent business solution — including full lead management system, contact management system, customizable marketing library and a paperless transaction workflow. Exclusively for KW associates, eEdge saves you time, money, and effort by reducing redundancies in your work day and allowing you to do what you do best — list and sell homes and shine with your clients!

Are You Surrounded By The Best?

Our dynamic Family Reunion Event in Orlando, an annual meeting of TOP agents and TOP brokers from all companies, is the best-attended Real Estate Brokerage/Company event in real estate with over 10,000 agents attending in 2011. Where agents gather to learn, socialize and become inspired and motivated to accomplish even greater goals that they set forth for the year. Each year, agents look forward to sharing in this informative and engaging experience with the TOP Producers in the industry.

Agents and teams closing 200 and 300 some 600 (Marnie Bennett in Ottawa over 600!) transactions a year on stage teaching what and how they are as successful as they are. There is much info to absorb coming from an event where you have an opportunity to meet so many agents who are willing to give away their methods for creating the tremendous success that they have attained and willing to share that information!

Gary Keller is always one of the MOST influential people in real estate year over year over year, see what he says below and we will see you in Orlando!

Six Myth Understandings Holding You Back


Gary Keller, co-founder of Keller Williams Realty International, heads the second-largest real estate company in the country. In The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, Gary Keller describes six false statements that may keep real estate agents from achieving success. These “myth-understandings” could ultimately apply to other professions as well:

Myth: I can’t do it.

Truth: Until you try, you can’t possibly know what you can or can’t do.

Myth: It can’t be done in my market.

Truth: Yes it can, but you may need a new approach.

Myth: It would take too much time and effort. I would lose my freedom.

Truth: Time and effort are not the deciding factors in success.

Myth: It’s too risky. I’d lose money.

Truth: Risk is in direct proportion to how well you hold your incremental costs accountable to producing incremental results.

Myth: My clients will only work with me. Only I can deliver quality service.

Truth: You clients aren’t loyal to you. They are loyal to the standards you represent.

Myth: Having a goal and not fully realizing it is a negative thing.

Truth: Having a goal and not trying to achieve it is a negative thing.

Break On Through with Keller Williams Toronto and Canada


BOLD = Business Objective: A Life by Design

See Why Keller Williams Referred Realty in Toronto is Gaining Momentum & Attracting the TOP Agents in the Industry.

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Businesses Worth Owning

The Keller Williams perspective is that real estate is a local business driven by individual associates and their presence within their communities. It’s a perspective that stems from Gary Keller’s deep conviction that the agent, not the company is the brand, and that the company’s primary role is to help agents to build their own brand and grow their own businesses – beyond simply selling real estate.

To learn more about Keller Williams brand philosophy, get your copy of

Lives Worth Living

Great riches only matter to the extent that they fund a great life with great meaning. Keller Williams Realty is defined by a culture of agents who care deeply about each other and are committed to having a positive impact on their clients and their communities. Indeed, the focus of Quantum Leap, Gary Keller’s signature training class is on discovering and achieving one’s life mission. Keller Williams Realty is a company that changes lives.


The Proof is in the Numbers

As the only major real estate franchise company in the North America to experience positive growth in 2009, Keller Williams Realty’s time-tested models and systems establish a framework for profitability in any market. There’s a reason why Entrepreneur magazine recently ranked Keller Williams Realty as the No. 1 real estate franchise, and why we were the only major real estate franchise company to report an increase in both the number of associates and the number of sides for both the 2009 REAL Trends 500 and the RISMedia Power Broker Reports.

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