33 Touch Marketing

Most people will not know what the 8×8 and 33 touch marketing platform is. The 8×8 means that you make 8 contacts during the first 8 weeks after you have added someone to your database. After that, you touch them 33 times during the remaining 10 months of the year. Doing that systematically will yield about 2 transactions for every 12 contacts in your database.

Your 33 Touch Program is the heart of your marketing plan for your Met database. The goal is to “Touch” ever person in your Met database 33 times per year.

Your plan will include:
Hand written notes
Post card updates
Monthly Newsletters
Email neighborhood updates
Phone calls
Greeting cards
Any other appropriated communication method

The idea is for you to keep your image in front of the people that know you and are aware of what you can do for them and their friends and family. eEdge is used to outline your 33 touch plan so that you know what to do and how to implement the plan. You want to be the ONLY person they think about when it comes to real estate.

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