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A perspective to consider, is what the effect of treating your real estate agents like shareholders has on the growth of your company. Keller Williams Realty is the only brokerage not in Debt. If you treat the agents as partners (share the profits, offer them the best commission splits, open the financial books, provide the best agent training & agent support and create a culture where agents share ideas), why would they want to ever leave your company.

To really put our amazing growth in perspective, you need to also consider the fact that Keller Williams Realty in Toronto and North America does not spend any money marketing the ‘KW’ brand to the consumers like every other real estate company. Instead of spending millions of dollars a year marketing our brand to the consumers, we invest our money and resources into our real estate agents, because unlike other real estate companies who see their greatest asset as their company’s brand recognition, our growth is based on agent productivity and more importantly….agent retention.

“I do know why I chose Keller Williams Realty and it really wasn’t the profit sharing. It was the quality of training, the resources, the non-competing broker, the higher split and the annual cap on split, the reputation, etc. I do know that the many who have come here from other real estate brokerages all have the same comment, they have never seen such a supportive atmosphere and non-competitiveness among fellow agents, every one here is willing and eager to help every body else.” M.Saunders



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